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The american  media focuses in on specific races and negatively represents them. Even Though , this situation perpetuates the racial stereotypes in America society. It is seems that some certain ethnic groups who have not white skin – Black people in particular are mostly reflected as being less intelligent and more violent than the Caucasian citizens when we go through the American history. The white people have seemed to have more privileges that the other ethnic groups.This situation it turns into an `internalized racism.` The black people have felt this inferiority in society as the white people have started to think that the black people are more violent.
In media, these others are shown as the threats to carcuasin people till the end of the 1980s. Even in the cartoons, it can be frankly seen that many of the black characters with minority voices are not shown to be smart as the white characters. These stereotypes have created the nature of prejudice in American society against the black people. In general sense of traditional stereotyping, the dominant culture consists of white middle class as African-Americans are unfairly and unrealistically portrayed as violent,  hostile and criminally minded. This misrepresentation of African Americans became the common image on television till the end of 1980s. The new media was not showing the reality in cultural sense as it seemed opportunity for equal representation and communication between the races”.

The negative image of black people which has been developed by these stereotypes was perpetuated in some TV shows such as the show called the ALF . This TV show is about a smart mouth creature that is stereotyped by others because he is short and ugly and has a bad attitude. This TV show showed up between 1980s and 1990s for the first time and it became very popular that time. In course of time, some alternative TV shows such as the Cosby Show was to develop a program that would portray blacks in a positive light and not always violent all the time.The media portrays various races and these stereotypes who are members of certain groups with which we have not had firsthand contact are reflected in a chagrining way in general.
The media branches such as the television, books, comic strips, and movies are all exuberant sources of stereotyped characters. In  this generation we live in now bill cosby is being stereotyped by others because he is accused for sexually touching a lady. She stated the he drugged her but i think since they know bill cosby is a wealthy man he is getting sentenced for something he probably did not do and since he is old they may want him to die.
By stereotyping the people or some ethnic groups, we kind of mark the people with certain characteristics. For much of American history. For example the cosby show changed the mind thinking of what black can be and should be in living in america. Before the cosby show there where other black tv shows debuted provided a sense of negative stereotypes between black families.
In this generation many people are stereotyped by the color of their skin or ethics many us people do not like others from different countries. Many people that are from other countries dislike americans they believe that we do not work hard  for what we do and that we are lazy. They think everything is given to us but some do not realize we go threw alot to.Stereotypes of American people can today be found in virtually all cultures. They often manifest in America’s own television and in the media’s portrayal of America as seen in other countries, but can also be spread by literature, art and public opinion. Not all of the listed stereotypes are equally popular, nor are they all restricted towards American

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