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The Change Management Plan documents and tacks the necessary information required to effectively manage project change from project inception to delivery.

The Change Management Plan is created during the Planning Phase of the project. Its planned audience is the project manager, project team, project sponsor and any senior leaders whose support is needed to carry out the plan. It assists in designing and estimating the scale of the change effort, mobilizing the will to change and gaining effort, mobilizing the will to change and gaining the buy-in. This document is designed to be used alongside or can be incorporated into the proper project plan.


Change management is an ongoing process that takes time, expertise, dedication and efforts to implement and run. It requires the involvement of people or staff of the company and may also result in these people being affected by the changes too.
In new kitchen heaven retail store, Change management plan is depending upon number of Change Requests. Before adopting one of the many effective and popular change management approaches and models, we must first figure out why it needs the changes and how will the changes benefit it.
The Change Management approach for the Kitchen Heaven Retail Store will ensure that all proposed changes are defined, reviewed, and agreed upon so they can be properly implemented and communicated to all stakeholders. This approach will also ensure that only changes within the scope of this project are approved and implemented.

Change Management approach consists of these areas
• Ensure changes are within scope and beneficial to the project
• Determine how the change will be implemented
• Manage the change as it is implemented


There are quite a lot types of changes which may be requested and considered for this Project.

Scheduling Changes: Changes which will impact the approved project schedule. These changes may require fast tracking, crashing, or re-baselining the schedule depending on the significance of the impact.
Budgeting Changes: Changes which will impact the approved project budget. These changes may require requesting additional funding, releasing funding which would no longer be required, or adding to project or management reserves. May require changes to the cost baseline.
Scope Changes: Changes which are necessary and impact the project’s scope which may be the result of unforeseen requirements which were not initially planned for. These changes may also impact budget and schedule. These changes may require revision to WBS, project scope statement, and other project documentation as necessary.
Policy change: Changes which will impact the any major policy. These changes can also effect the budget and schedule.
Process change: Changes in any process which can impact on your budget and schedule is known as process change.
There are some others changes are mentioned below
System change
Changed job roles
Scale of the change – large or small
Speed of change – fast or slow

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