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The company I work for is Lutheran Services Florida. This company is responsible for providing services for family all across the state of Florida such as Early Head Start and Head Start programs, Refugee services and much more. The company serves over 7,500 children and families in five Florida Counties. For the last 30 years, LSF have been the leading provider of early childhood education, offering comprehensive education, family services, disability assistance, and health and nutritional services to all eligible children and families (LSF, n.d.).
I have been working on a project that involve rising our numbers of children in the program. I am responsible as well my counterparts for recruiting children ages 3 to 4 years old. This area is the most monitored of all the organization because there is a large issue meeting the fully enrolled number that has been put in place by the Head Start Project Management Office and the individuals who are providing funded for these programs. My department have until March 2019 to meet those numbers or a small portion of the program will be shutdown.
Project Scope
This proposal will reveal factors that might influence the result of the study. The risk factors will include the change in management and the communication plan, seeing that the manager is not pushing for more children, the manager is focused on their individual needs. According to the text, a project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result (Larson & Gray, 2014). The recruitment project has been considered a project due to it addressing the major characteristics of a project such as an established objective and a defined life spa with a beginning and an end.
Project Management vs. Program vs. Portfolio Management
Project management is the discipline of using principles and procedures that manages a project from conception through delivery of an outcome that includes a defined project goal and many more. The program management is what translates the strategic objectives into measurable business outcomes combines with the integration of related initiatives. The project portfolio is a group of projects that an organization works on (Larson & Gray, 2014).
Organizational Structure and Organizational Culture
My project is working under the structure of a highly competent and committed project team. Upon completion of the project, a project manager will be assign to it and will be responsible for picking the project team based on skills. My project falls within this structure and I have been given the authority to execute this project as I see fit. The structure has the benefits of being simple, fast, and cohesive.
Lutheran Service Florida has a hierarchical functional organizational structure. It pertains to the vertical lines of command and authority throughout the organizational structure. The CEO is the head and everyone other than the CEO has a superior. The culture of the organization has the four components that provides guidance such as service to the children and families, respect for the individual, strive for excellence, and action with integrity.
Pros and cons
The hierarchical functional structure has the ability to easily influence the organization as a whole. This can be seen within the new policies and strategies that has been passed on to the regional directors down to the supervisors. The downfall is the lack of support and lower management cannot adjust to the business practices easily of communication and approval processes.
In short, there is a need and demand for this project to end successfully, seeing that once its completed and approved, many will still have a job. Kids will be receiving comprehensive education at the early childhood education level. With the support and enhancement of the structure and culture of the organization, the project management office will indeed approve or consider this proposal.

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