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The concept of the Internet of Things was introduced in 1999. The English name of the Internet of Things: Internet of Things (IOT), also known as Web of Things. It is regarded as an application extension of the Internet. Application innovation is the core of the development of the Internet of Things. The innovation centered on user experience is the soul of the development of the Internet of Things. In 2005, at the World Summit on the Information Society in Tunis, the International Telecommunication Union released the “ITU Internet Report 2005: Internet of Things”, officially proposed the concept of “Internet of Things.”

The practice of the Internet of Things in 1990 can be traced back to the 1990 Xerox network cola sales machine – Networked Coke Machine.

In 1999, the International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networks held in the United States proposed that “the sensor network is another development opportunity facing humanity in the next century.” The concept of the Internet of Things was proposed at the conference; it was first proposed by Professor Ashton at the MIT Auto-ID Center in 1999 when studying RFID. A solution combining item code, RFID and internet technology was proposed. At that time, based on the Internet, RFID technology, EPC standard, based on the computer Internet, using radio frequency identification technology, wireless data communication technology, etc., constructed a real Internet “Internet of things” to achieve real-time sharing of global goods information.

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