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The Four Functions Of Management
Every business whether small or big needs to implement the four management functions. To have success in any business or organization it solely depends on how the four functions are put in place. The four management functions allow a business or organization to take care of its business strategy and make tactical and operational decision. This paper will define the four basic principles of management which are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.

Planning is the first part of management functions and the most important area of all the four functions. This is the foundation of management from where all the other management functions are built on. In this phase the company looks at the state that they are currently in and where it would like to be in the future. This involves setting up goals for the company or organization to achieve within a certain time span. This area is most important because without the planning and blueprint of how you want your business or organization ran and what goals you want to achieve. Your company won’t be successful if you have no goals or objective of where you want the company to go or thrive off of.
This is the second function of management. In this area it is the manager responsibility to organize and arrange the work to accomplish all of the goals and objectives that are set up in the planning stage. This stage helps the company organize all the resources in the most effective way to achieve the set goals. The advantage of this system is that employees learn the collaborative skills needed to function in an environment characterized by frequent meetings and more informal interactions (Management: Leading and Collaborating in a Competitive World, 2007)
Directing is the third function of management. This area deals with motivating and influencing employees so that they can do their best. Usually when you motivate and influence an employee they go above and beyond expectations. Leading also helping employees in achieving their career objectives and becoming part of the business. Directing requires that you have effective communication skills and help build positive interpersonal relationship with management and employees.
This is the last stage of the four functions of management. In this area a manager monitors the performance of the staff within the business and make changes if there are any to be made to insure the success of the business or organization. Controlling function is measured by the responsibility of control, comparing results with the goal, reaction to comparation and subject of control (Misetic Dragan 2001). Controlling also contributes compliance with essential organizational rules and policies.

In conclusion the four functions of managements are very important in order for a business or organization to succeed. Without the function your business I bound to fail before it even gets off the ground. With that being said these functions should be enacted and developed for a business success.

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