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The interpersonal communication skill of feedback is very constructive in the workplace, as
it increases awareness and motivation, which in turn broadens the understanding and allows for an increase in learning. Human communication, often playing a large role in managing relationships, is interpersonal communication which involves the mutual influence of all parties involved and the transactional nature of it allows for it to be quite distinctive in comparison to the others (Beebe, Beebe & Redmond 2014). The aforementioned elements are essential in identifying and distinguishing this specific method of communication from its counter-parts (Beebe, Beebe & Redmond 2014). Feedback is a process of communication undertaken by two people in order to express information in regard to the performance level of the receiver and consists of constructive criticism to further advance the receivers task (Baker et al. 2013). There is formal and informal feedback which is essential in every aspect as it enhances learning, increases understanding and drives motivation (Baker et al. 2013). In the workplace, feedback provides knowledge and learning of new skills which increases employee relationship and better groupwork (De Janasz et al 2014). Constructive feedback is valuable to any workplace or an individual because it gives employees self-respect and makes them feel like a valuable asset to the workplace allowing them to excel and perform the actions necessary to have a successful workplace (Summer et al 2012). Feedback offers various strategies to correct any behaviour that negatively effects the workplace and offers potential for success (Summer et al 2012). Effective feedback acknowledges the perspective of both the receiver and giver which benefits both parties (De Janasz et al 2014). Therefore, feedback is a vital communication skill that is essential in any workplace as without it, employees are perplexed and left without any knowledge as to what tasks they are performing incorrectly, thus downgrading the productivity of the entire company.

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