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The laughter appears our faces as we head to the amusement park. I walk through the expansive and overcrowded car park, clutching one of my friend’s arm wondering what is going to be around the corner. Gigantic gates greet me. I am overwhelmed with the amount of parents frantically taking pictures of their children with the oversized furry characters. At this place, those bright smiles, screams of ecstasy, rides moving and at spinning at high-speed give us an intense burst of excitement.

The amusement park was packed with hundreds of people that there is hardly breathing space, with strangers rushing past me. Each person in the crowd moves as if unseeing hands drag them this way and that, pulling their eyes to one thing and another. The smell of pretzels and popcorn is hanging in the air, as well as the odour of several dozen people standing in the sweltering heat, practically pooling in their own sweat, and I am not the exception. The humidity is igniting on my skin like a burning blanket, which makes me wonder if I am capable of surviving through this heat for a day.

We gather around one another, and come up with a plan and consult the handy park map. We agree to alternate our turn in deciding where to go, so that everyone have a chance to go on their prefer ride. Time seems to crawl as we continue to wait, slowly second by second. Ahead and behind us people begin dropping out of the line, either out of time or lack of patience. No matter, it only benefits us at the end. The sky slowly changes its colour, then takes on a grey shade almost like an artist’s painting with clouds dabbed on it and stars that glittered like jewels. I take a moment for myself to enjoy such a marvellous scenery. Just by looking at it, it soothes my anxious mind and incinerated any thoughts about my upcoming exams. People started to scatter towards the main exit, as the rides began to close behind our footstep. All was dim, as our only light source was from a shop nearby.

Without any warning, the sound of a huge thunderclap passes by, the sky went completely white. All the air came out of the souvenir shops, windows of every shop in the area blown out, follows by is the sustainable roar. Within a short second, the thunderclap of the bombing has died away. My head is incredibly painful as like there is a tight band around my head, but I have no idea what just happened. I believe that I am closeby to a massive conventional bomb. The smoke is so dense, so thick that you would need a knife to cut through it. It makes me not capable of seeing the roads ahead me, but what I am witnessing right now has convinced me that I just enter a living hell on earth.

The scenery afterwards is a real tragedy, which I have only ever seen on movies. There are people crying out for help, calling after members of their family. I see a mother with her eye hanging out of its socket, screaming in desperation, trying to find her children. People look nothing like a human, bleeding and trying to walk before collapsing. Even some have lost limbs. The image haunts me unconditionally. There are charred bodies laying liveliness on the ground, some are drifting along a lake nearby with the musical fountain still jetting the water into the air with its own melody, it creates theatrical spectacle itself.

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