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The Machupo virus also known as Black Typhus comes from the Arenaviridae family ( a family of viruses that infect rodents and sometimes humans.) The most common rodent that it infects is field mice. This virus can also be spread through contaminated food, water or direct contact of the virus particles, for instance the field mices urine, feces, or saliva. If this virus is left alone it will soon lead to the Bolivian Hemorrhagic Fever, and infectious disease. This disease was found in 1959 when an outbreak of this disease has occurred in Bolivia, they trapped all with the virus and it had went away for a while and then the virus appeared again in the 1900’s, the virus started on farms where rodents where more common and then moved inward to the villages. The last reported cases of this virus where recorded from 2007 to 2008, three people died four days after they had been hospitalised, and at the least 20 suspected cases that were not life threatening.
Symptoms in humans include, fatigue, headache, lassa fever ( very fatal temperatures ), bleeding from nasal and oral mucosa and gums, along with pain in a certain group of muscles or joints. 50% of people with this virus suffer from confusion, tremors of the tongue and go into a coma. More than one thousand cases of the virus have been recorded and only 22% have nearly died, yet survived this virus, this virus is not gender specific, it usually affects people from 10 months to 50 years of age.
The incubation period for humans is two weeks, some people who take risks to examine and research on this virus include, health physicians, veterinarians, scientists, and radiation safety officials
Treatment for this virus is usually only supportive therapy that includes, antipyretic drugs ( something like ibuprofen or aspirin in higher doses), and plasma transfusion along with a hydration. If the patient has Lassa fever along with this virus then they will first do ribavirin which is a medication to treat lassa fever and then you can go on with the supportive therapy. If the person is having troubles breathing they might have them take a intravenous treatment which is just another treatment but this one is for your respiratory system.
You can prevent this virus by taking a few precautions like, staying away from rodents, not cleaning rodent feces up without something covering your face and gloves, and then some for around your house including, setting rodent traps, not having pet mice or other rodents in your home.

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