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The noise was far away, everything seemed to be in control, but what place was that, Why he could not find anyone, he thought, why, how, when? It was an amazing sunny day, a family left home, they had prepared many delicious food for the picnic. They were so excited, they were going to the mountain, there was many friends going to the same place, the day was planned to be perfect. Food prepared, bikes on track and two teenagers and their parents inside a car. One of them asked: Dad, can I go driving? The father explained to the teenager that the road was dangerous and he were still in training with his provisory drivers license, he apologized.The cellphone rang. Despite the fact that many times parents have had told the teenager to not answer the cellphone while driving, the lesson was not the act witnessed by that boy. Father answered the cellphone and suddenly the darkness took over that weekend for that family. Cellphones have become the most beloved electronics in the world and great ally of communication. But, it must be remembered that when the subject is driving, the scenery changes and the beloved mobile devices become a weapon which submit many risks. Cell phones are an effective way of communication, people agree with this and the topic of using cell phone while driving has been debated, However, many people do not stop, always having some excuse to explain why they are using the device in that moment. Talking or texting on cell phone while driving, the concentration automatically decreases and the chance of an accident increase dramatically. Using cell phones during driving results accidents, many others road safety concerns, reduce driver’s performance due to the fact that the brain distracts while people are using their cell phones.

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