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The population for the study comprised all students undergoing industrial program. The only instrument used for the study was the questionnaire. Two research questions and one null hypothesis where posed and tested for the study. The Findings of the study imply that, workshop spaces are inadequate, teacher in both institutions do not use instructional materials always, and teachers do not select and use the most appropriate techniques in lesson delivery. Based on the findings, some recommendations were made. A study of this nature can help teachers of technology or education programs to discover those attributes which the students, the school, the government and the society at large look out for in them. It may also enable students to appreciate what they should do to help technical teachers to help them in studies. There were some of the factors or characteristics both institutions were found to have exhibited below expectations. The performance of students and the institutions would be greatly enhanced if the teachers would do well the exhibit for all the factors or characteristics. Through this study, the students will be more focused on their studies.

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