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The second advantage is that social media marketing increased costumer satisfaction level. The successfulness and need for social media marketing is heavily debated nowadays. Some people claim that it cannot bring in new customers and cannot attract customers because it will not work as properly as a marketing person and also it can potentially estrange customers. On the other hand, others claim that it helps build relationships, maintains, and grows the brand, outweighing the negative factors that can occur. This show that both sides have legitimate arguments, but if it used properly, social media marketing can be useful and even needed for an organization (Whiting 2014). Through social media, customers are given spot on customer service facility and ability to be targeted via the businesses that they are interested in. The success of social media marketing lies in the ability of the marketers to be visible to the potential customers at all times. For example, the internet marketing mechanism such as the social groups, communities and individuals having similar interests are identified by their web-activities including search patterns, website visits and so on, which are then used to target them through the social media marketing techniques. Therefore, it becomes more specific and focused toward the winning leads and customers feel more comfortable as they come across the required or appealing product or service. The vast pool of information available to them is well developed. In addition, customer experience and satisfaction is enhanced as they accept the fast and proactive customer service with online chat and complaint options available to them (Gommans et al. 2001).

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