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The Tell Tell Heart written by Edgar Allan Poe is a story about an old man, which in this case is the narrator, who is disturbed by the look of the old man’s evil eye. Because of the disturbance of the evil eye, the narrator gets so paranoid that he kills the old man. After killing the old man, he cuts up the body into pieces and carefully without leaving any mark behind hides the body in the bedroom floor. Believing he would get away with the murder the evil eye then comes back and hunts him leading him to turn turning himself in. The evil eye takes a huge place in the story because the evil eye has a symbol, description and a comparison to a vulture.
The evil eye symbolizes that kind of infiltration. The narrator is clearly disturbed and paranoid that somebody will see into his most profound feelings of fear and violent plans. The eye speaks to the window into the brain and soul of the narrator. The evil eye is continually watching him no matter what its always observing every move.

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