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The word faith is widely relevant today and is getting more importance. The greatest capacity of human being is transcendence to the beyond, not in the sense of merely that which is beyond this empirical world, but to reach out to other humans, the absolute and other realities in a spirit of openness. This openness is the basic quality needed to attain truth. When one feels the need of the ‘other’ to realize his or her, then one should have the basic openness to truth. The other acts as a mirror to him or her, and one must be in a position to see oneself in the other. When one is able to reach out to the other in a spirit of inter subjectivity, one attains a deeper meaning of truth, for, truth is not something which one possess, rather it is striving after the ultimate meaning. For this there is also a communitarian dimension, because human beings are all seekers of truth. The more dialogical the approach to truth becomes the more reliable and creditable it becomes. Very often this dialogue can remain only on the level of ‘dialectical dialogue’ rather than reach the level of ‘dialogical dialogue.’ Only on the level of dialogical dialogue there is a true openness to the other, seeking the other in trust and confidence and making the other a co-partner in search for truth. In dialectical dialogue persons may engage in discussion on matters which may not personally engage them. We can be ‘objective’ and fail to be ‘inter-subjective’. Human beings on various levels of existence have to engage in this exercise to dialogue to arrive at truth. This chapter sheds light on the particular nuances of the term ‘faith’ manifesting its inter-subjectivity.

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