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The world is becoming a challenging place to live in, and getting high-quality education has undoubtedly become the key to success. Like any other developed country, the education in Australia is of high quality and meets the international standards. A record number of overseas students have got into Australian universities in recent times due to the favorable laws of the government and due to the high rates of graduates getting employed soon after completion of their degrees. Soon after completing school, students start to look for best universities for perusing their future goals.

According to the latest university rankings, many of Australian universities have made it to the list of world’s top 50 universities. When hunting for a suitable university to achieve their future goals, these high rank Australian universities attract the student’s attention to apply for these universities. The pathways for getting into Australian universities are not even that tough. Overseas students who have graduated from their schools get admission directly into undergraduate programs but even the students who did not finish school apply for an alternative pathway known as ‘Foundation Studies’ to get into the Australian universities. There they are taught about the degree which they are going to study next year and other important and relevant courses which would help them in the university.

The policies of any country towards its people and the immigrants play an important role in the development of the country and shaping the view of that country. The government of Australia has always made policies which are favorable to the overseas students studying here and the immigrants living here. Other than getting a world recognized international degree, students on a student visa can even work for 20 hours a week to earn decent amount of money for their daily expenses and for even saving their tuition fee. This can reduce the burden to a great extent from their families as well. A student can find casual part time jobs quite easily and work in their free time. The government’s policies regarding the granting of student visa were not that strict. Whoever fulfilled the universities requirement was granted with a visa and this made Australia a country with the visa pass rate of around 90%.

Another bright aspect of Australia is its multi-culture . Australia consist of large number of immigrants from almost all over the world. They have their own life style and traditions and have right to practice as they want. This makes Australia a multicultural country and a heaven for minorities. The rights of people from all religions and races are protected and they are respected here. These type of initiatives from the government help control the racial discrimination and other incidents, and help portray a positive image to the rest of the world and specially the overseas students willing to study in Australia for their tertiary education.
The climate of Australia is temperate which means it’s not too hot or cold in summers and winters respectively, and this comfortable weather is regarded as an important factor for the desire of migration and increasing number of international students. Australia is regarded as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. It has some of the world’s greatest landmarks and natural wonders. Sydney Opera house, Sydney Harbor Bridge and the beautiful darling harbor are the sights everybody wants to see in their lifetimes. The vast coastline of Australia and its beautiful white sand beaches add to the beauty of the country and attract a large number of tourists. The natural wonder near the gold coast known as the Great Barrier Reef is one of its kind and is one of the largest natural coral reefs in the world. All these aspects add to the beauty of the country and make it a perfect place for perusing your degree as well as exploring the beautiful country.

In conclusion, the reason for overseas students to choose Australian universities is due to its high quality education. More job and career opportunities attract the overseas students to come here and make a living. The favorable policies of the government make it easier for the international students to come here and study as well as work. All these things contribute to making Australian universities popular among the international students for studying.

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