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There are many different methods for observing and monitoring a child.

We would have to use a few different ones to get the whole picture of the child and see what their strengths and weaknesses are and how developed they are in all areas.

These monitoring methods can be done formally or informally for example Observations can be taken during lessons or in the playground. It’s most appropriate to use this method when child’s development is causing concern and when it is in a relaxed environment. This records the information in a formative way. For example- 1234.

Assessment: is the way in which child is assessed to decide whether they have any particular needs and what these needs may be. It is useful in deciding whether the child is reaching expected milestones of development in different areas. This records it in summative way. For example 56

And lastly;
Parents or carers who know the child will be able to tell us if their child has special educational needs and/or disabilities. If we are concerned about child’s development it’s good to ask them information to help them develop and progress in the best way.

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