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There is saying goes ‘this world is dancing on the rhythms of money. One say, if you got money then only you can continue living your life peacefully and if you do not have money, prepare yourself to face multiple problem in your lifetime. As we all know, money has become essential things to human in such that sometimes they forgot about humanity in a while. From the example of bribery above, then we realize that how much this bribery and corruption are spread in the society. We do not one fully blame the system but the government really need to take an impactful action to prevent bribery from happen in the future. If we look at outside, I believe there is a corruption in every field. People have started to think that bribery is an esay step to achieve something and we really need to stop this kind of mentality.
From what we can conclude here, it is nearly hard to look for someone who has involved in neither given nor accepted any kind of bribe in his whole life. Even when we say we are against bribery, alongside giving or taking any kind of bribe, but deep down in our heart we know that we are either compliant or proposing bribe in a way or another. Why we conclude so, this is because we believe in our society, bribery has happened even in a family. Let’s say if your kid does not want to go to school, the parents will bribe the child with a chocolate or two to get the work completed. It is reality that bribery initiates from the family itself. In fact, when you want to remove the crimes you have did, you will offer bribe to let yourself free or when you want something immediately, you will surely offer something to the person in charged to settle your things first. As a matter of fact, there is no space in life where you do not offer bribes. It is just the impact of your bribe either big or small.
Like we mention earlier, bribery is influence by the culture where certain people can influence into accepting and offering bribe. Like the example of bribery start within the family. This practice may be usual when they face problems in life and they will think the fastest solution is to bribe the responsible person. As we all know bribery will give a bad impact to our economy development.
In Malaysia, we would like to discuss about equality of all Malaysian citizens which is to allow equal opportunity to one and all regarding any matters. However, this issue will hardly to be achieved if we as an individual take away the opportunities of another person just to fulfill our own self desired and goal. Therefore, we believe with the help of Malaysia government, we can prevent all these bad habits from become even worse and thus break this bribery system. It is essential to educate people about the impact of bribery and we need to encourage the people to say no to bribery and also do not offer any bribes in lifetime. In addition, we believe if the Malaysians itself stop offering bribes to society, the core of bribery will reduce and diminish soon. The steps to prevent bribery need to be applied by all Malaysian. Slowly but surely this practice can be eliminate in our society.

It is clearly that nowadays, it is quite hard to prevent bribery. Bribery will causes failure to Malaysia economy. Once bribery case in a country got worse, then the country development will weakened over time. The reason behind all these is because the ability of working has been reduced. Each individual will look up for bribe and ignore their job. Hence the the economy development become weakened due to bribery. Bribery is an act that can damage the reputation of this country. Therefore, a meaningful act must be taken to prevent this practice form happened. We cannot reduce the bribery level until we ourselves practice to prevent it first.

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