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This poem ‘enter without so much as knocking’ written by Bruce Dawe it is about the journey of a man’s life from birth, into society of death. The themes discussed will be consumerism and materialism, these two themes are interrelated. Consumerism is encouraging people to buy products whereas materialism on the other hand means is when people buy products they don’t often need in their lives. The techniques discussed will be repetition, criticism, and cynicism.

Consumerism effects materialism of individual people are unable to understand the difference between needs and want, the writer uses cynicism of this concept of consumerism such as ‘ station wagon’ ‘one economy size mum, one Anthony squires cool stream summer weight dad’ to portray the effects on our lives. People want to follow what everyone is doing or owning better than everyone else. Most of us forget what is really important. Owning an expensive car enhances the image of a person driving. However, it does not make his or her journey any shorter and as said by Dawe when you’re six feet down under no one is really interested

The concept of consumerism can be determined in this text, with the technique criticism, through the words to describe both parents “one economy size mum, one Anthony squires cool stream summer weight dad” through one of the most popular media, television advertising, people are encouraged to believe buying particular products will significantly enhance their lives, and people unknowingly fall for those advertisements without considering the importance of the product, and if it will actually benefit in their lives.

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