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Throughout social media it has been a very huge concern through the past few decades regarding the rates between social media and health issues. Social media is websites and computer apps that allow people to create, share information, ideas, and video/pictures. Researchers are finding the connection between the increased social media use in the young adult population and increased of mental issues in the same exact population. Social media is changing society but the bad outweighs the good.
This topic impacts every teenagers/young adults that has social media. Everyone has their own thoughts on how social media impacts their lives. Many teens or young adult live revolved around social media and how it affects them on dat to day life. When it comes to social media a lot of people want to “fit in” and make themselves feel good. Cyberbullying is big a problem, social media carries with it because a lot young adults or teenages are not”perfect”. Relationship are ruin because of social media. Many females and males sometime feel intimidated about someone that looks better than they do or who maybe more successful.

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