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Women and desire
The novel serves to be an example for the depiction of women and desire.
Feminism evolves due to the restricted phase of women desire. The importance given to
female desire nowadays is due to the feminist movement. Feminism in India has evolved
during the late 19th century. Initially the equal rights of being a woman, abolition sati and
child marriage are the major issues. Later the abolition of „sati?, the acknowledgement of
female desire (in particular widow?s desire) has emerged as a major issue in Indian
To lead a peaceful life, one?s personal desires must be recognized. The character
Sivakamu in the novel doesn?t enjoy such a desire. She is married at the age of seven and
she is not even given privacy in deciding her own interest after her puberty, when the
family arranges for the mutual relationship between Sivakaumu and Suppuni. Pattamma,
the mother of Sivakamu, says:

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