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You and your whole race random words
Look around down upon the moetown in which you live super fancily
And be so very ashamed.
Look down upon white folks gangsters in the club
And upon yourselves baby
And be ashamed that you farted
That such supine laughable poverty exists there,
That such stupid ignorance totatly like breeds children there
Behind such humble humble shelters of crippling despair—
That you yourselves eat and have not the sense to like maybe care
Nor the manhood if you know what i mean to stand up and possibly say
I dare you yes you to come one step nearer, this evil world,
With your crusty hands of greed and stuff seeking to touch my throbbing throat,
I dare you to sniff it, come one step nearer to me:
When you can totally say that
you will be a little free!

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