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You cannot imagine how much I loved my grandfather. My grandfather and I had a really strong bond. I lived with him for 2 years when I was a kid because my mother and father worked in Morocco. I don’t have amazing memories when I was a child, no breathtaking family trips, no abnormal holidays, I wasn’t really a happy kid and every time I felt lonely, my grandpa was there for me. I can still remember the days we would go out for lunch with grandma and the afternoon’s playing endless soccer with him, going to the park with him, these were things I loved doing with grandpa.

Grandpa started working at an early age, he worked for 13 years with my grandma in the same company and that’s where they met. I loved staying at my grandparent’s house every time I could. Every single day I would go visit them we would go to the soccer pitch right next to our house and play soccer. My grandpa knew how to play. He played for the Real Sociedad Gimnástica Española when he was younger, the problem was the age, he was a bit too old to play so I always made him stay as a goalkeeper. When we were done playing we would go to the stands and we would eat the sandwiches my grandma made for lunch. It was heaven.

My grandfather was tall, humble, funny, caring, formal, calm, and adventurous. He barely had hair, well just a little bit but it was all white because when he passed away he had 79 years old. I think he passed away to early, I wanted him to come to see me to more games or even be there if I make it to a professional team.My grandparents lived in a really big house. It had 4 floors and I loved so much because it had a swimming pool and I didn’t have one at my house. My grandpa didn’t swim because he was too old but my grandma used to swim with me. I remember I used to race my grandmother, she had to swim across the swimming pool 5 times and I had to swim across it 10 times. I always used to win but sometimes I’ll just let myself loose because I wanted to see her happy. We used to spend all of our days playing football and watching kids and parents walk down the street while he told me stories about my mum and my dad when they were younger and how much they loved me. Grandma used to bring us a mango juice and we would spent hours and hours sitting and talking about football.

My grandpa loved to take care of the garden, he would spend hours and hours cutting down the grass, watering the trees and making his garden look beautiful. On a hot summer afternoon, I was helping him cutting down the grass and I was removing the rocks so they wouldn’t cause a problem and once we found a really small snake. I still remember how both of us got freaked out and started running away. That was one of my funniest moments with my grandpa. My grandpa was as brave as a lion but both of us hated snakes. My grandpa was very good at football and I’m this good because he taught me everything. I used to play in my school’s football club when I was a kid, the school was called SEK, we would always play matches on Saturdays and once he showed up out of nowhere. My dad and mum couldn’t be there because they were busy but he was always there for me. He cheered me up and motivated me to keep on playing the beautiful sport. Because of that, every time I score a goal now, whether I’m playing with my friends or in an official match, I look at the sky and dedicate the goal to him. He told me around a million times to never give up and that I would become a great soccer player.

Everything started with what the doctors called a “small” tumor. We directly went the hospital to go see him, all our family went, I still remember my grandmother made a delicious apple pie which we all ate with my grandad when he was laying down on the hospital bed. I knew the time was coming and I wanted to die. Not him, not my grandfather, I still was a kid but my grandpa was the number 1 for me.

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